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Fill your life with fragrance®

My Story

Having always liked home fragrance I was super excited when I discovered Scentsy! After trying the warmers & waxes, I fell in love with the products - the variety of the fragrances, ease & safety of use and the beautiful warmers & diffusers, not to mention our amazing laundry & cleaning ranges!

I became consultant first for my love of Scentsy and also because I wanted to spread the Scentsy love to the people in my life and do something that I enjoy! Scentsy is my passion, I absolutely love my Scentsy Life :).

So welcome & I'm glad you're here. Have a browse and drop me a line if you have any questions or would like samples. If you are local to me, get in touch if you'd like to try the products at your home with my borrow bag!

You can also find me on FB @scentsandshimmerwithsusanna or IG @scentsandshimmer

Below are just a few examples of my current favourite scents.